this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy


this is the most beautiful and amazing thing i have ever read in my entire life and it makes me so so happy

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selfies with giant dog

selfies with giant dog

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i was a bit tipsy in a gelati shop on lygon street tonight and so i turned to my friends and was like, “did you know i used to have buck teeth?” and at the time they were discussing ho chi minh (the dude, not the place) so they all sort of stared at me and were like “why did you bring that up?” and all i could say was, “gelati, italy. italy, ferrari. ferrari, niki lauda. niki lauda, shit teeth” in an austrian accent and then the conversation moved on.

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"…Let alone,
wear on my sleeve.”

   - Connotativewords

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thought I’d try my hand at these


thought I’d try my hand at these

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Once upon a December
on Anastasia OST
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Once Upon A December. Anastasia in Russian.  This would be the language that she would have sung in.


I hate to be one of those shitty people who whinges that Anastasia is inaccurate (Rasputin is a zombie with a pet talking bat, it’s pretty fucking clear it’s a kids film, not the actual events of the end of the Romanov dynasty and the start of the USSR) and Imperial Russia isn’t my area of study, but. Due to the Enlightenment, French as a language was seen as the classiest, sexiest, most intelligent language in Europe, and many of the Imperial Courts spoke that over what we would call their native tongue. In Russia, the Russian language was seen mostly as the domain of the lower classes. French was spoken by the gentry, including the Romanovs, who apparently used it even during their captivity towards the end of their lives. And so, if you want to listen to Anastasia singing this gorgeous song in the language she probably would have spoken (had she survived at all), have a look here instead.

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Sam Pepper is sorry 🙌




this was better than i expected

what the hell

what actually is this

wow that is some terrible acting


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today a dude slammed my finger on accident because he was closing a metal drawer i had my fingers in and i was on drive through and i literally screamed into the headset and the lady just kept ordering her drink as i was trying to hush down three different LOUD MEN SAYING “OH MY GOD WHAT DID HE DO TO YOUR HAND”

she just kept going 

i screamed into a headset and she just kept going

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thankye! and it is fucking terrifying!

thankye! and it is fucking terrifying!

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i was talking about my car’s aircon with mum because it was on the fritz a couple of days ago and she said, “you can’t be driving around with no airconditioner any more, we have 45 degree summers now,” and i just felt physically sick for a minute because twenty years ago forty-degree days in summer were rare and then last summer it was normal and our government just has no climate change policy and don’t think it’s worth even considering and now we have to face the reality that it’s going to get to 40, 42, 45, 50 degrees in summer on a regular basis now? we can’t keep going like this.

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