charles darwin and youth…in which I ramble

what I’ve never really got about the Changes/Evolution song from HH is that they dressed this guy

up like this

so he looked like Charles Darwin

who, as everyone knows, looked like this


here’s the thing

charles darwin, as claimed and supported here

used to be, like mat

( i just like having lots of photos of him)

quite a cutie

despite the fact he married his cousin.

arguably the show should have presented Darwin as a younger man because he did his HMS Beagle travelling at around 22 - and the voyage lasted 5 years. Ironically, he hated Australia…you know, the place that named a state capital after him.

because HH does do a little of the breaking misconceptions thing - you know, Stone Age man wasn’t just a grunting ape in a cave, Saxons had good teeth, medieval doctors from the Middle East knew exactly what they were doing

it would be nice to see a little accuracy and a little bit of young Darwin.

and perhaps a bit more of Mat dressed up in some fine Victorian gear.

this has been a history crushes related post.

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